Monday, 16 May 2016

Bucharest days


Bucharest Days is a large cultural event organized in the capital city of Romania. The activities carried out during this event, last year, where very successful as there were lots of participants (approximately 200) and guests who had expressed their content regarding this event.
This year the event addresses the tango community in Romania and abroad, but also the public who didn’t practice tango but is interested in living a new and wonderful experience along with the tango community.
Bucharest Days’ activities will take place in the location IRC, Romanian Cultural Institute and IIC, in Aleea Alexandru 38, Bucharest. 
A very wonderfull location!
This year we expect approximately 300 participants (at least) who will live the Argentinean Tango experience with famous Argentinean tango artists: Carolina Bonaventura and many other invited local artists !

                                                                                        Carolina Bonaventura   

We believe this is a valuable event that can bring people closer to culture and art in general, and especially, closer to Argentinean tango, which was inscribed by UNESCO in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The targets for this edition of the festival are:
1) to promote the Bucharest's Tango community
2) to launch our school Urquiza
3) to promote the Efecto Mariposita
4) to open new contacts with foreign Tango schools for Bucharest's Tango community.

Tango in Romania is very young, only 10 years, against this little age we are rappresented by European Tango de pista winner couple  edition 2015 and by the finalist in the same event but in 2016 for Tango de scena.

 We look forward to meeting you at our wonderful event Bucharest Days! If you decided to join us, please register here !


Tips by Carolina

Tips from Romania